Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday's group ride: The Carnage

Jeff, Brian, Tim (fresh from Hawaii) Lucas and myself.
Park n Ride, Sagamore to Pinehills in Plymouth and back.
About 10 miles up road and dirt road to base of big climb.
Did said big climb.
Then curled around the tops of the hills on rooty, steep singletrack.
Went over the bars on a downhill - gravity always wins

We went across State road (3A) to the more technical stuff and then back and did a couple more big climbs.
On the last big climb, I was feeling good and keeping pace with Brian when all of a sudden Jeff passed me like I was standing still.
This was a sign of things to come.
We finished at Pinehills and hit the dirt Old Sandwich Road and I took the first pull.
Then Jeff took over and shot away like he was being chased by a swarm of angry hornets.
Brian held on and did some pulling of his own.  Me, Tim and Lucas fell off the back.
I chased back and closed the gap and sat in for a bit - but alas, the chase back killed me and I fell off for good, but kept pushing hard.
Off Old Sandwich Rd onto State Road and the 20MPH SW headwind hit and it was carnage

Crawled up the hills, pushed on the flats, but it was painful the whole way.
Brian somehow managed to hang on and finish with Jeff.
I came in about 5 minutes later I guess, and then Tim and then Lucas rolled in a bit later.
Talk about stringing out the field.

All told, a little over 35 miles in 4 hours.

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