Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy upgrade ride

I got my Cat 1 upgrade yesterday and celebrated with a mostly-trails commute to work this morning on my One9.  Kept an even pace most of the way, only pushed it a bit for the last couple miles.

Glad I did this, actually, as I see I can easily push this to 25 miles with 2 loops in the Willow St trails.  I need to increase the mileage on rides like this.  I could ride up to the Bass Hole trails, but that's just more road and those trails are so flat...

How to turn a 3 mile commute into 17 miles.

Dist 16.83 miles
Moving Time 1:31:28 (only stopped to put on, and later take off, my rain jacket)
Moving Avg 11.04mph
Elevation gain: 1,231 ft

Monday, May 7, 2012

Back on the Pain Train

Rode with my old crew "the pain train" yesterday.  There was only one other original pain train member at the ride, Perry.  And the train ain't the pain that it used to be, but it was still a great time.  
Back in the day. 
Have two races coming up - the flattish Willowdale on May 20 and the hilly Domnarski Farmski on June 3. Trying to train for both without burning my legs out too much - they're starting to feel a little sluggish, so I may have to take a couple days off.  Boo.

I have applied for my Cat 1 upgrade...it's "pending" which I think means that the approver-guy hasn't yet looked at it. I'll be happy to get it, but won't be surprised if they make me prove myself a bit more as my "race resume" from last year looks a bit interrupted by the birth of the Greek.
"Cat 1-Shmat 1, look how cute I am!"