Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy upgrade ride

I got my Cat 1 upgrade yesterday and celebrated with a mostly-trails commute to work this morning on my One9.  Kept an even pace most of the way, only pushed it a bit for the last couple miles.

Glad I did this, actually, as I see I can easily push this to 25 miles with 2 loops in the Willow St trails.  I need to increase the mileage on rides like this.  I could ride up to the Bass Hole trails, but that's just more road and those trails are so flat...

How to turn a 3 mile commute into 17 miles.

Dist 16.83 miles
Moving Time 1:31:28 (only stopped to put on, and later take off, my rain jacket)
Moving Avg 11.04mph
Elevation gain: 1,231 ft

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