Friday, August 17, 2012

Make the best of what's around

I generally commute to work on my bike except on the two days Jude has day care.  My commute route is a little over 3 miles at its shortest (road + woods), but with three different trail areas at my disposal along the way, I can extend it out to 20+ miles.  I usually ride the 5 mile route, 1.5 on roads and the remainder on trails through Greenough boy scout camp.  Then I do an interval or hill workout at lunch, either in Willow (intervals) or Greenough (hills).  Then ride the 5 mile route back home.  It's nice to have Willow, Greenough, and the more technical Weir Rd trails all so close by to home and work.
Greenough is beautiful and smooth single track with short-and-steep hills that have proven to be good hill training for me when repeated many times....

Here's the first hill -- it's a two-parter with the first part being a quite steep and rooty washout... .

and the second part smooth and steep...

I have a tough training ride with teammate Tim tomorrow at TOT/Sandwich, so I took it easy on the geared mtb on the way into work this morning.  A nice tempo ride down to Gray's beach and down the hidden trail to this special spot on Lonetree Creek...

This is looking west with the marsh of Lonetree Creek, Barnstable Harbour, Sandy Neck, Cape Cod Bay, and the Sagamore Bridge all in view.  Great way to start the day.

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