Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Post-Sandy rides

I went out for a ride on Tuesday at lunch for some hill repeats in Greenough boy scout camp and to assess the damage from Sandy.

I moved a lot of small branches as I made my way over to a trail I call "arches".  There's a wonderful new arch (after I cleared out the branches):

The new arch is just before a small rock drop (one footer).  Here's the arch and drop.

On Wednesday I went out at lunch and cleared some of the Willow St trails (South 6, Burning man, Art's trail).  After spending several minutes clearing one downed tree, I took a video of the trail as it's a pretty good representation of much of Willow's 12 miles of tight, flowy single track:

I'm hoping to get to the rest of Willow St (mainly Bushwood and Back 9) and Greenough on Friday.

Happy riding!

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