Thursday, February 21, 2013

Working trail debris into trail features

Cape Cod's Willow St trails are diagonally across the street from my work.  Like most of the trails in #NEMTB territory, there's too much snow to ride, and the trails are in need of serious post-Nemo maintenance.

So today's lunch was spent starting the trail cleaning process.  I grabbed my handsaw and went out on the Niner One 9.

Single Speed and hand saw...trail clearing necessities
There were areas of bare ground, but the trails were mostly covered in 3-4 inches of slushy snow -- too much to ride through, so there was more sawing than riding.

Trailhead greeting previewed things to come.
After a bit of sawing, riding, and hiking, I came upon this big one.  

Too thick for a handsaw and in a spot where hopping it wasn't realistic for a big guy with limited skills such as meself.  So I decided to use the branches that fell down around it to make it a rideable ramp.  As you can see in the vid, it was hard to get any speed into it because of the snow, but I think it'll be a cool feature eventually...

I only got about a mile of work done, if that.  There's about 12 miles total in there, so lots more to come. 

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