Friday, June 24, 2011

Thoughts that bounce around my helmet (ongoing)

The dumbest people I've ever met are the ones who think they have all the answers.

If you think a mom breastfeeding a toddler is in some way sexual, then you're the pervert, not the mom. 

It's funny how only the people who have beliefs different from the norm are accused of "pushing them" on others, while the people with socially acceptable views can babble on with impunity.

If another child is rude to my son, I usually let him handle it.  If he's rude to another child, I intervene.  Not sure if that's right or not.

The willingness to discover the truth about the origins of religion can take years to muster; but once willing, the truth takes only seconds to come by.

Children who have awful parents are usually doomed to be awful parents themselves.  The exceptions, however, often end up being exceptional parents.

A country is a concept, drawn on a map. Without its people, it ceases to exist. A government that promotes the agenda of its country at the expense of its people never survives.

The list of things I don't agree with my parents about is a very long list. And yet not a day goes by where I don't appreciate what great parents they are.  Indeed, it is because of their support that I was free and confident to carve such a different path from them.

I've found that any goal is reachable when I decide to fully commit to it.

In my experience, life is constantly giving us signs, nudges, and hints about which decisions to make and which directions to go. It's up to us to recognize the signs, and then follow them.

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