Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I am mountain biker

I caught some attitude in the woods the other day and thought this up on the ride home:

I am mountain biker.

I am flat pedals, sneakers, white socks
clipped in, stiff sole, ratchet strap
baggy pants, body armor, full face helmet
skin-tight racing kit plastered with business ads

I am 26" HT, 26" FS, 
29er HT, 29er FS, 
29er rigid 
steel, aluminum, carbon

I am bouncing through teeth-chattering rock gardens
sewing the mountainside's switchbacks 
riding off boulders with names like "separator" and "frame twister"
leaping logs, pumping bumps, carving corners

I am base rides to nowhere and back
intervals until i see spots
begging my legs for one final kick
races won and Dead Fucking Last

I am kicking up midsummer dust
plowing into babyheads covered with leaves
crunching fresh powder with wide tread
covered in springtime caterpillar silk

I am all these things.
So if you see me in the woods and I look different from you,
Know that whoever you think you are, I am that too.
I am been-there-done-that and have the scars to prove it.

I am mountain biker.

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