Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Paying attention pays off

The highlight of my day comes early when I clip in at the top of the driveway and glance back to see my 3-year-old in the bay window waving.
He says something, but I can't hear it through the glass.
I debate just waving and going, but decide that whatever he's saying is important to him.
So I push up close to the glass and ask "what'd you say, buddy?"
"Be careful out there, daddy!"
"Oh, thanks buddy.  I will.  Have a good day."
"You too daddy."

I plan two hard intervals and so I wake the legs up with a tempo cruise down to Gray's beach.
Then backtrack onto 6A and wind it up for a hard effort to Barnstable Village.
Love 6A this early, before the traffic sets in.
Hard and fast into the village and then recover with a light pedal down to Millway beach.
Catch up to my breath and heartbeat and then go left onto 6A for another hard effort eastbound/workbound.

Around the curve before Mary Dunn Rd a car just HAS to pass.
Car coming the other direction.
No room.
Edge of road is sketchy at best.
I decide to bail.
Hop over a pothole and land in the sand and skid to a stop.

Car that forced me to bail whips a right at Mary Dunn, literally 30 meters up the road.
Had I not bailed, he probably would have right-hooked me.
"Be careful out there daddy."
Thanks for the reminder, buddy.
Helped more than you know.

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