Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Grand Opening" - Week in Pix

We welcomed Helena Ophelia into the Maguire clan on Sunday July 10 at 6:20AM.  Weighed in at a healthy 8lbs 15 ozs.  Here's how the week went down:

K's water broke on Friday night, so on Saturday we rushed - as any couple would - to
have Thai food and watch sail boats pass under the railroad bridge.
Some hours later, and after a rather eventful labor, this alien-looking thing popped out. 
We called it "Helena," which is Greek for "bug eyes."

Meanwhile...our incredible friends Lynne and Larry babysat Julian and he clearly was very upset the whole time...

Just look at that sorrow...

When I finally managed to pry Jude away from the Pereras, I brought him to
wonderful Tobey hospital to meet his new sister. It was jealousy at first sight.

We're all home now, and the baby is nursing near non-stop.  So we've attached this contraption to Kristy
 and duct-taped the milk hose around Helena's mouth.

Meanwhile, I've attached this contraption to my Karate Monkey and Jude loves it!
Thanks to snap-pea crisp bribes, he's easily good for 3 hours. He can't feel his legs for a few minutes after he dismounts, but there's no long-term effect to that (as far as I know).

Yesterday we toured around all afternoon - saw the trash train, played in a front loader, raced four teenagers on road bikes (nice try guys), and then Jude picked his nose in this YFD fire truck. Fireman said "it's fine, we all do it."

Then we pedaled home to this sleeping beauty.

Of course, it's not easy with a newborn and a 2.5-year-old, but we're managing to have a little fun.
Thanks for reading.

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