Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Frame on the Way; I-Bert Passes Test; Baby Protest Enters Week 2

Specialized is sending a new frame.  If I bend the new one, they're going to upgrade it to the (carbon) Sworks frame.  So I'm pretty much planning on running the new frame with a 38/12 and torquing as many hill workouts as possible.  Like this badass:

 Hahaha, just kidding.  I will be very gentle with the new frame (ehem).

They think my frame might just be poorly tubed or welded.  Guy said he knows some big strong dudes riding same frame as mine without problems.  That's what Surly said about the bar I snapped (though they were beyond awesome about warrantying it).  So we'll see. 

Anyway, good on ya so far, Specialized. 

I-Bert seat - looks goofy, works great.
 GREAT news today.  Bought an I-Bert toddler seat and perched it on the Karate Monkey and took Jude for a ride to see if he'd like it.  He LOVED it.  Woohoo.  Already planning awesome rides for us.

"Nice try with the spicy food, mom...SUCKA!"
Baby is still holding out - will be a week tomorrow.  I've already started my 12 weeks leave from work.  Feels weird being on leave without the baby here, but Kristy's been in a tough way  - I guess chasing a big, energetic 2-year-old while 41 weeks pregnant makes one tired.  Pfft.  ;-) So it works out.

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