Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chain Drops, High Tops, Huge Crops

I've ridden my new Specialized Stumpjumper 29er a total of about 30 minutes in the last 3 weeks thanks to a dropping chain. 
My new Stumpy in its usual position...
I've adjusted and readjusted the chain line, changed chain rings, cogs, chains, all to no avail.  I told this to the LBS I bought it from, and they quickly diagnosed it as a chain line issue and "fixed" it.  On my test ride, the chain stayed on for less than a mile. I've dropped the bike off to them again and they're going to call Specialized this time.  I can't imagine there's THAT much flex in the frame, but maybe.  Or maybe it's cracked.  Either way, I'll actually not be psyched to get a new frame - what's the point if I end up with the same frame but new (newer than the two-month-old frame I have).  We'll see.  Luckily, my trusty Karate Monkey is virtually indestructible.  And I've actually had better results this year on it (a 1st and a 2nd as opposed to a 2nd and a 4th on the Stumpy back when it was working for a month). 

We ate Indian on Main St Hytown the other night and were treated to this tall tail just outside the window.  My wife was not-so-secretly hoping to see her fall over.  Had to be 7 inch heels.   

Those heels will give you cyclist calves
Apparently neglect is the key to growing HUGE flowers.  I think we planted this two years ago and forgot about it.  Then this year - BAM!  Sucker is close to 5 ft tall with massive flowers (see deck chair it is towering over for perspective).

Finally, since I don't have much riding news to talk about, we watched in awe yesterday as two blue jays dive-bombed an enormous red-tail hawk that had perched atop the high tension pole across the easement from us.  Blue jays are bad asses.  They were hitting the hawk on the head, wings - no fear whatsoever.  Must have been protecting their babies.

Speaking of babies, Kristy's going on day 5 overdue with stubborn Helena.  To think I stopped racing 3 weeks before the due date...  Oh well.

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  1. You got a pic of idiot shoes!

    And just be grateful you haven't been the one carrying Ms. Stubborn for these 3+ weeks, Love. I can guarantee it's been more frustrating than repeated chain droppings. I can't even begin to tell you how much it has meant to me to have you here helping me and my tired body rather than you being gone training/racing. I think I can speak for J, too, he hasn't had to miss out on any of his beloved PG time thanks to you! You're the best, I'm sorry if you feel like you've missef out on anything.