Monday, February 6, 2012

A Sunday sans Perspective...

Sunday was a great day. Our Sea Sports weekly group ride joined forces with a Corner Cycle group ride. Great to ride with Jon Bold -- such an accomplished rider. Unfortunately, he blew his derailleur off after a few miles and he was done, but his Corner Cycle mates Gray and Dave stayed on and we (them+Jeff, Tim, Bryan, me) covered just about every inch of Trail of Tears, ending the ride with about 25 miles at a 10.5 clip. I felt pretty strong today, and recovered well.

Went home, had cereal with Julian, and then he and I hit Bonkerz with Jude's bf Alex and his mom Carrie. Julian had a BLAST! He is now able to climb up to the slides himself, which, in true Jude fashion, he did over and over and over and over. OCD? lol.

We left there and got ice cream on the way home and arrived at Mt Maguire to the combined scents of a homemade feast of chili and corn muffins and a delicious apple pie that looked as good as it tasted. Not sure how K does it with a 6-month-old strapped to her chest, but I'll just assume it's sweat and motherly magic.

The kids cooperated with the Super Bowl by going to bed on time and without drama, then K and I ate and watched and ate and watched. I was pretty disappointed with the result of the game, but it doesn't diminish what was a pretty awesome day.

I read a story this morning about a guy in Washington that was under investigation for killing his wife two years ago. The other day a social worker had arrived at his house with his two young boys for a supervised visit. The guy let his boys in, but locked the social worker out of the house...and then blew his house up. I can't help but picture the scene inside, a father burning his own little boys to death. There is no eternal torture adequate to punish such an evil and selfish act.

I've had my share of frustrating moments with my kids, and I struggle to keep perspective sometimes. But I think the best way to put things in perspective is to have no perspective at all - to simply be present and honest and approach life openly and positively. That was my Sunday. And no horrible news story or disappointing loss can take that joy away.

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